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Safeguard OSH Solutions - Thomson Reuters

Safeguard OSH Solutions - Thomson Reuters

Safeguard Surveys

Crowdwise column question (OPEN)

"At my workplace one of the biggest chances of being killed or seriously injured comes when we jump in a car or van to visit clients - and yet driving is not even considered within our health & safety system. How can I persuade the company to include driving as a critical risk?" Wish to respond? Do so here!

Reader feedback questions (OPEN)

In each edition of Safeguard we ask for feedback on three issues raised in the edition. In the current edition the issues cover enforceable undertakings, incident investigation, and driving as a H&S risk. Wish to give feedback? Do so here!

Brand name for new assessment tool (OPEN)

A new health & safety business performance improvement toolkit, including on-site assessment, will be launched in September. It's been developed by MBIE/WorkSafe/ACC under the working title 'Safety Star Rating' but will be re-branded before launch. What do you think a good brand name would be for this game-changing initiative? Enter your suggested brand name here

State of the Nation 2017 survey (CLOSED)

How did our 2017 survey compared to the survey last year? Read the results here!