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Forestry survey results

Forestry survey results
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New Zealand

A health and safety perceptions survey of 119 people working in the forestry sector shows they feel leadership and culture have improved but view other areas such as worker competence, risk management and knowledge of good practice less favourably.

Conducted in October/November on behalf of the Forest Industry Safety Council, the respondents included H&S practitioners working in forestry (30%), forest managers (24%), contractors (22%), and workers (17%). Other respondents included crew foremen and managers, H&S reps, forest owners and more.

On the leadership question, 41% thought there had been moderate to significant change in leadership capability within forestry organisations in the last two years, and 52% thought the same about the forestry supply chain.

On safety culture, 54% said there had been a significant positive shift while 34% remained neutral, and 10% disagreed.

Regarding operator competency and capability, fewer than half (47%) thought this had increased in the last three years, while 55% thought workers had the necessary skills to work safely.

On risk management, a little over half (55%) thought H&S was included in the terms of contracts, while only 47% thought safety was factored into design when forestry blocks are planned.

Fewer than half (48%) thought good H&S practice is well understood by business leaders and contractors.



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Forest Industry Safety Council
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