Safeguard issue 187

May/June 2021 edition

Current Magazine

As well as the stories below, this edition also features items on:

  • Details of all finalists and winners in the 2021 NZ Workplace Health & Safety Awards.
  • Edited highlights package from the Safeguard conference.
  • What reduced exposure limits for Chromium VI mean.
  • Michelle Cooper does In the Spotlight.
  • Helen Kelly - Her Life: an extract from Rebecca Macfie's new book.
  • Grant Pritchard, advocate for mentally healthy workplaces.
  • Lifetime Achievement award winner Paul Jarvie.

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Stories from the current issue

Moira Loach, a member of Te Rōpu Marutau o Aotearoa, outlines a research project designed to help reduce injuries and fatalities among Māori workers.

A courier driver tells Jackie Brown-Haysom why he has a love-hate relationship with his job.

Trapped in the risk matrix of probabilities? Steve Young suggests focusing on hazards that can cause death or serious injury, because that ‘chance in a million’ will happen one day.